who we are

Unique is an initiative of the Audiovisual Facilities Foundation with the objective of supporting social and cultural organizations on audio and visual resources.

Top quality streaming

By applying the best audio technology, we can deliver music in CD quality and the Unique streams can be received crystal clear via your computer, Apple iOS and Android equipment. Unique’s broadcasts can also be received in the Netherlands via AM and DAB.

Unique Gold

“The Best Golden Oldies, Lost & Found” is the station with the most loved Rock music from the Good Times Fifties & Sixties, broadcast by Radio Luxembourg, Off Shore stations off the coast of England and the Netherlands, AFN in Germany and the USA. Experience the History of Music that changed the world.

For all information and contact

Correspondence address;


Postbus 86

6580 AB Malden

The Netherlands

Unique Smooth

Love Songs to Relax. The Non-stop channel for a relaxing mix of the best Love songs from the last decades. The beauty of music that touches and surprises you.

Unique Classic Rock

Rocking The Waves, Your Live Your Music”. De beste selectie Classic en Uptempo Rock From The Past . No words Only Music.

Unique Offshore Radio Tribute

Free radio in Europe would not be possible, or would have been introduced much later, if there were no extraterritorial radio broadcasting on the air in the 1960s. This “Offshore” radio reached millions of listeners in the Roaring Sixties. On the internet you can find a lot about these offshore radio. With this stream you hear  these legendary stations recording by listeners.


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